VASCULITIS  (BEHCET'S) AWARENESS.

Stories of Hope

Rayne Ashley: 

For years Rayne was unable to go to school, dance, do gymnastics, and play like the other kids.  She was home schooled due to her illness, until freshman year, when, in true  warrior fashion, she decided it was time to "take her life "(her words)

For those who don't already know, Rayne lives with a very rare, debilitating systemic autoimmune disease... Behcet's-Vasculitis. 

We had never heard of this disease until her diagnosis (and most of her specialists do not know much about it)  ... Unfortunately, we know it all too well now. 

It makes her mouth  and skin bleed with painful sores.  She's in pain - on a daily basis. It effects her digestive system, causing pain and bleeding.   On a good day, she will do all the things she loves , however, however each activity comes at a steep cost.  Rayne has learned to pick and choose her activities-  only she knows it the toll it will take on her body afterwards. 

Each new year research increases the opportunity to give Rayne a chance to fight this disease.   Although, there is no guarantee, it IS a chance she can get one step ahead of this disease and it's damaging effects.   There is no hope for a cure.  Our goal is to raise awareness of this rare disease...

 For now we have great updates regarding her progress, her stamina and her voraciousness....  

Thank you!




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